Vorstelijk Landschap TV

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Since a few months i was selected as a performative experience designer and alumni Master of Education in Arts of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg in a project that is a collaboration between the school and Gemeente Tilburg.

With 6 other alumni it’s our mission is to connect the landscape of Tilburg with the city and create artistic interventions. In any way. And to co-create. Interesting right?!

And we have to make an event in the landscape on 12, 13, 14 of October

So beside this so cool mission i was asked to document our proces and the project. So i thought about how i could do storytelling from a contemporary perspective and that became a Youtube channel! A channel with vlogs of us alumni, vlogs of stories of the landscape, interviews with entrepeneurs, with biologists and also with Sexy Slow TV! Because i think it’s important to bring the peacefulness and the stillness of the landscape to your smartphone or smart tv.

So i will keep you updated, but i had to share this with you. Please subscribe to the channel and get yourself a hot and sexy summer right on your smartphone or tv.

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