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reverse-mentoring-expert-at-work-2This week i was asked to give a lecture for Vitamin C in Warp (B) Sint-Niklaas. Vitamin C is a learning network in Belgium that shares the need for experience enrichment of the sector of art and culture education. http://www.vitaminecnet.be/. Warp is a contemporary art platform http://warp-art.be/. The lecture was a study course about intergenerational learning with also Els Hoogstraat as a very interesting speaker.

The last few years i gave many lectures or workshops about reverse mentoring. And every time i tell about this topic, i try to bring this story in a different way and focus on different learning opportunities. And every time the stories and insights gets bigger and more interesting. Because i was given the opportunity to develop many programs, but also because i try to be sharp and actual at this topic.

Recently i stopped working for MU artspace and though it was a wonderful experience with many opportunities and precious relations, the time is right for me to walk my own way on the road of reverse mentoring. My focus will be helping organizations, museums and companies to develop a reverse mentoring program to achieve strategic goals, innovation or fan the flame of their product or employees.

Besides this i give lectures, workshops and coaching on the topic. And i try to keep up on the topic and hopefully co-develop new programs. My brand new advice bureau is called: Reverse Mentoring Expert.

oh and my personal learning focus is on reverse mentoring as a spiritual goal!

So this lecture was my first lecture abroad and as Reverse Mentoring expert!


For this special occasion i tried to focus on reverse mentoring as a spiritual goal. This gave me the opportunity to rearrange all the information and experiences i had with reverse mentoring.

Reverse mentoring is a very useful and extraordinary method which can be useful for various purposes. But where the danger lies of rm being a Gimmick when developed not right, the most powerful thing rm can be is a spiritual goal. I experienced this with several elderly and youngsters, but also with myself.

Anyway want to know more about how reverse mentoring can be a spiritual goal or curious what reverse mentoring can do for you? I can help you set up a successful program or inspire you or your company or organization with the power of reverse mentoring.

contact me and fly in the expert!: info@reversementoringexpert.com


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