presentation of my performance @ Gallery Studio van Dusseldorp

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A few weeks ago i had a short exhibtion of 2 paintings @ Gallery Studio van Dusseldorp in Tilburg.
For the opening i had a 25min presentation of my cross-media Performance The Disappearance of Danny van der Laan. The funny thing is i gave this presentation in Virtual Reality. The public could see what i saw, while being in Virtual Reality. The presentation was like a 25min film of several Virtual Reality experiences with a voice over explaining the project.

Watch this 360video which is a acapella version of a song i wrote for the project. It was dedicated to my friend and Fenix collegue Sam van Dam, better known as AmsterSam who recently passed away.

Anyway beside this absolutely brilliant presentation of my performance. It was really tough, because i was totally isolated from the public and i could not see if they liked it or hated it. I hope to do this oneday again in a maybe bigger setting with a bigger screen. But for now i am really proud of this presentation. Because the story is so layered and extraordianary because it is told cross-media. Wanna learn more? check the website: http://www.thedisappearanceofdannyvanderlaan.com/

For now i leave you with this 360video taken in iceland. Goodbye..





the disappearance of Danny van der Laan 2017


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