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This summer i developed the Virtual School. A learning community and platform to preserve knowledge and technical expertise for social innovation gained from working on my interdisciplinary cross-media community performance called ''Til you see me''. 
The Virtual School is a creative research and innovative educational learning community environment which connects  young generations learning virtual reality with older generations and innovative learning environments.
Young participants research the possibilities, creative manifestations, solutions, implementation and practice of a virtual school, a virtual learning environment within their physical school building. They will be challenged to be creative in a totally new way of thinking and designing, to invent and design virtual reality and 360video applications that fit their needs and those of their future or current workfield. But it´s also a great way for interdisciplinary designing or design for social issues.
This knowledge and concepts can inspire them not only to reflect on their own learning but more important think how to help others. The results can inspire teachers, managers and entrepeneurs to implement the creative possiblitites of using Virtual Reality within their working field and use the Virtual Space for new ways of learning and experiencing or expanding School and education.



for social innovation. T

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I developed this innovative learning environment  for a creative educational purpose to bring my fascination, knowledge and work experience together.
A virtual space and community platform where older generations such as teachers, managers and directors can benefit and learn from the creative, authentic, fresh minds of students, workers or any younger generations and their culture. A place to see the possibilities of new ways in learning by Virtual Reality in the Virtual  and physical space.
The concept
This concept is the result of several insights, my working experiences and my love for Virtual Reality and 360video.
First i found a simple solution for the problem of schools havent got the knowledge or money to spent on innovative working methods such as these.
Otherwise this is a powerful tool for learning, experiencing, social issues and all kinds of education which will bring your school or learning environment into the 21st century.
My method
My method is simple but efficient: i introduce young generations such as students , young teachers or workers  to the aspects and creative possibilities of Virtual Reality and Virtual Reality thinking.
Then i coach them to develop creative applications and learning environments for a virtual school or virtual  learning environment in their daily practice or future workfield.
The results, pitches, concepts or productions will be presented on this website or shared with your school or company and can be used in presentation and inspiration sessions afterwards to present or pitch their concepts for teachers, managers, directors or visitors of this website to learn..
The benefits
With these insights older generations in the school or education field can benefit by seeing playful innovation possiblities created by the future end-users of Virtual Reality. The other benefit is that their students are really challenged to think creative in a totally new exploring way and pick up 21st century skills by doing so. A win win situation where everybody learns.

Wanno join or learn more? Check the website http://www.thevirtualschool.nl

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