Incrowdfunding: the beginning of something beautiful

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Support the development of a new, interesting and most of all : most exciting direction of my work so far!

The concept of this incrowd funding campaign is to give my own network (and by that all the people who ever wanted to buy a work of me, but can’t afford it or never took action to really buy something) first chance to buy a new painting of my greatest work so far! This for far less money than the prizes of my gallery and the current value of my work.

Why? i need support to realize my dream and artistic development. Making this happen has cost me almost a year to make the first paintings that where in my vision of this direction. These paintings ask for perfection and a lot of research. But making these paintings is very expensive. To create perfection i only use only the best pigments and materials. And it takes a lot of time to develop the methods of making these paintings strong and perfect.

Supporting me gives me the possibility to do proper research, invest the necessary time, materials and hopefully in a bigger studio with better light. Making this new work happen will give me new exhibitions and interest of galleries. My goal: go international with this and sell this to millionaires..

So this incrowdfunding campaign works two directions and is only runs from may to july 2017. First supporters get first choice and the key paintings of my new work. These will be more valuable.

How? send me a mail to dannyvanderlaan1975@gmail.com, name the size of your interest and a proposition of dates. Then you come to my studio and pick one. If you’re not living in the Netherlands we can do this with pictures or film and i sent the work by transport.

below these photos you’l find my temporary sale prizes and my motivation to make this new work and radical change in abstract painting. You can also read my blog about this and see 360 photos from my studio in Amsterdam: http://www.thedisappearanceofdannyvanderlaan.com/uncategorized/taking-the-light-with-me/


The principle is simple: You buy a painting in the length of this campaign and by that you donate for this campaign. There are 4 amounts which have each it’s dimension to accompany. The only thing is: you got to be quick! You can email me if you are interested and then we can arrange a meeting and you come to my studio to get your painting or see how extraordinary and so not Danny van der Laan they are!

Below you can find the description of the content and appearance.


These are the amounts you can contribute and get your sale!

150E for a work of 30×30 actual price of work of this size

after this campaign is 660E

600E     70×90        actual price of work   1760E

700E    100×70 .    actual price of work     1870E

800e    120×80        actual price of work  2200E

1000e  120×150      actual price of work   2970E

package deal for organizations and companies

buy 2 and get 3


buy 4 and get 6


My new work and direction is inspired by the light of Iceland. The light of the sky in Iceland is so much different than the light in Holland. It is more mystical and it is filled with different colours. It’s reflection on the snowed landscapes cr  way i feel and my work and mind are positioned.

What i wanted to create are abstract experiences of sensible sensations of Icelandic light. Perhaps not only the light to be seen, but transformed inside or through me. Light in different manifestations and as an abstraction of the themes i am working in since a year: disappearance, transformation and enlightment.

As a viewer it is possible to almost disappear in this work. They are soft coloursensations which light themself from the canvas like a lightsource adapting the light from Holland. All abscence of form and figuration make excite the fantasy and creativity of the beholder. Every painting tells an abstract story of free interpretation without any rules. And creates for everyone a different experience of feeling.

theta-2These new works are a radical breakup with the expressionistic painting style i always busied so far. I always worked like a beast. Dirty, filthy, fired up, aggressive, political, socially engaged, misleading. This new work takes my research a step further. Like from pop music to Jazz. From Karel Appel to Rothko.

It demands absolute control, aesthetics, a perfect method and a total abstraction and freedom of recognition of the old Danny van der Laan. As if this work contains lightness, light and a deeper soul. A positive spirit and a bit of a mystical spirit.


A friend of mine told me that this work is just as radical as some of my previous work. Just the opposite of what i have been creating so far. As if i disappeared in my own work and transformed it to a new language which i need to learn to speak..



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