How i became the world´s most famous art vlogger!

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Hey everybody,

A few weeks ago i created a vlog lesson for my students. Unfortunately they hated it.. But by doing research and experiencing making a vlog myself, i really liked doing it!

I think vlogging is the perfect way to engage with a new audience and innovate the way i connect my art, music and art education to you. And to give you insight in what i do, and my hard work and struggle to success.

So! i´ve started an EPIC weekly tv show on youtube called Danny Vanderlane.
Every friday i will post a vlog about my weekly or daily adventures as an artist and arteducator on the move to success.

If you wanna stay tuned at my adventures, have fun or maybe learn stuff about art, innovative art education, virtual reality, financing projects, reverse mentoring , lifelong learning and lots of other cool stuff…. all you have to do is like my fb page and subscribe to my Youtube channel! subscribe here..
Hope to see you there!!!

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