from Rock to Jazz: abstract painting rules!

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Since a year i am mastering the total opposite of method and thinking painting than i ever did before. Since i studied Art Academy i have had many developments as a painter and many research fields of interest.

Sure i did my abstract painting!: like developing my own language, but as i say it now in words…: It has never been really abstract. Now since almost a year it is finally working what i have had in my head to make and being in this abstract language makes my mind open for a total new way of painting, communicating and understanding. And this change is almost a spiritual development for me as it is a personal victory.

I remember my first efforts were completely a disaster and every effort i had to face problems that were never mine. Like there can be no dust in my studio, or no hair of a brush, or spots, dirty hands etc…

Put in mind that one of my heroes is Karel Appel, and my dirty working conditions have always been the same… I was a rock god of painting.. No control, expressionistic, dirty, bad

But something has changed in my efforts to maken this thing in my head work..

As like the rock artist, finally learned to make Jazz music!

Now i am on a whole different level. A new world. I am Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins

Experimenting in a free vocabulary or let’s say playgarden of sound. Or in this case art and paint. And this feels so good!! So i am still so excited that i will definitely keep you updated and share new pics now and then of my progression and struggle.

Oh..There is one thing:  you will have to see and experience these works in real life. A museum or gallery (or maybe your livingroom:) 

I can catch the light and colour by photo. And it gives you a sense of what i am talking about. But experiencing the colours and feeling with daylight and almost taste the paint on canvas or smell the oil is a different thing!

20170601_165200 20170601_161638


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