The beginning of something beautiful

The beginning of something beautiful

'The beginning of something beautiful' is an international experience bringing the world elegance, lightness, light, enlightment, positivity and beauty.
It's a gift and space you give to someone you love. Someone in need. Someone in change. To celebrate life and beauty. Lightness and hope.

Where my beginning of something beautiful began..

My new work and artistic direction is inspired by the light of Iceland. For my previous project The disappearance of Danny van der Laan  i was researching disappearance, lightness, identity and transformation. Funny enough at the moment i was totally in loss of my artistic identity and i wanted let my artistic self to disappear, i found a totally new urge and path for creation and development. This was during a trip to Iceland. Being in a totally white world of snow and seeing very subtile colour sensations i noticed a difference in the light, colours and atmosphere in compared to Holland. It was a sort of a mystical, magical and spiritual light.

After seeing this, i was so fascinated by this, i thought it would bet he ultimate challenge for me to paint this. Not only paint the light and atmospheres i saw, but also capture that feeling between being lost and sort of enlighted and inspired by an ephinany. This light became a metafor for the transformation of my own identity.


The challenge of painting what was in my head is the greatest artistic challenge i ever had. A radical breakup with the expressionistic painting style i always busied so far. I always worked like a wild beast. Dirty, filthy, fired up, aggressive, political, socially engaged, misleading. This new abstract work takes my research and language a step ahead. Like from pop music to Jazz. From Karel Appel to Rothko.

For creating and mastering this new style, i had to lose my big but dusty studio in Amsterdam and rent a dust free studio, learn to make my own oil paint and colours, use clean brushes and wash them after using, be very organized, systematic and most of all: in control... So i had to become the total opposite artist i always was.

This was the beginning of 2016. Now almost 1,5 year after, i finally am mastering and creating what was in my head. And i am just at the start of something bigger. My ultimate challenge. I am transformed to a totally different painter who fits the person i had become spiritually.

The beginning of something beautiful

Measure something beautiful

The moment in Iceland when i had this epiphany i felt this could be the beginning of something beautiful. And now 1,5 year later when i look at my paintings i am feeling that these can be the beginning of something beautiful. Because of the sensation and light they bring, but also by it’s mystical or spiritual power slipped in. By putting in so much love, positivity and heart i believe these paintings can really change other peoples lives. Or be the beginning of something beautiful to hem.

Now what i want to do next is to measure what they bring to the world or to me or the people who buy it.

Will these paintings bring me or them to cool galleries in New York or Berlin? Can i make them iconic by making posters or postcards of them and spread them to a bigger crowd? Or do i make Virtual Realiy experiences of them for people with dementia. In other words: my goal is to do and accomplish beautiful things and create extraordinary stories with them to measure their possibilities and the concept of how to spread something beautiful. 

Everyone who helps  or supports me, or who buys one, exhibiting me, blogs about it will become part of this great legendary art project

What can i do for you?