Art Education

As a an arteducator i run a very diverse practice. What links all my activities is connection and innovative art education. Connecting the young and old, history, present and the future, students and teachers, disciplines, education with the creative industry.

From 2014/2017 i worked as a intergenerational program maker, as project leader for several projects and as a school leader for MU artspace in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I gave workshops and lectures about reverse mentoring from international congress to universities and schools and developes many reverse mentoring programs with hundreds of students for even more older generations.

In 2016/2017 i worked as a projectleaders for FHK Safari @ Fontys hogeschool voor de Kunsten at Tilburg. This is a pilot project which is a pilot for FHK to research posibilities for connecting en enhance interdisciplinairy collaborations and interaction between all educations offered by FHK. For this project Virtual Reality was introduced as an innovative worktool and Virtual Reality as an innovative learning space.

Inspired by all my previous projects i developed in 2017 ´the Virtual School´, which is my current project as a school leader and project leader.

The Virtual School is a creative research and innovative educational learning community environment which connects young generations learning virtual reality with older generations and innovative learning environments.

Young participants research the possibilities, creative manifestations, solutions, implementation and practice of a virtual school, a virtual learning environment within their physical school building. They will be challenged to be creative in a totally new way of thinking and designing, to invent and design virtual reality and 360video applications that fit their needs and those of their future or current workfield. But it´s also a great way for interdisciplinary designing or design for social issues.

This knowledge and concepts can inspire them not only to reflect on their own learning but more important think how to help others. The results can inspire teachers, managers and entrepeneurs to implement the creative possiblitites of using Virtual Reality within their working field and use the Virtual Space for new ways of learning and experiencing or expanding School and education.

I also started in 2017 my business as a reverse mentoring expert
i advice and coach companies, organizations or any business for developing reverse mentoring programs for innovation or help achieve strategic goals. I also give trainings, workshops and lectures on this matter..

And last but not least i design innovative workshops on the side like ´Street View Fun, Virtual Reality, 360video´.
And sometimes i give animation workshops for

Below you can find a diversity of video and film which will show you the diverse and cool practice of my work as an arteducator.
i am always interested in new projects and assignments, so don´t hestitate to contact me!