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I am a professional Dutch artist studied Autonome Fine Art with Painting and Performance-Art as my specialty. I studied Fine Art @ Art Academy St.Joost in Breda. I gratuated in 2001. After that i did a study called professional artists in the class and some NLP coaching courses.

In 2012 i attended the Master Education in Art @ Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg.  In 2014 i gratuated.

My Master’s thesis is about  Reverse mentoring with art education. It was commisioned by MU artspace in Eindhoven.

From 2014 til 2017 i developed many reverse mentoring programs at MU, gave many (inter)national lectures, workshops and collaborated with different schools and organizations. At MU i worked as a program maker for intergenerational education and as project- and school leader of very cool and innovative projects such as The reversed School. A school were older generations learn from younger generations. Watch a short movie here: http://schoolaround.tv/post/aflevering-2-de-nieuwe-rolverdeling

After that i worked as one of 2 projectleaders for FHK Safari, a innovative project for Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg. FHK  Safari is a international interdisciplinairy co-creation project which is also a city experience and Virtual Reality learning environment. Curious?: http://www.fhksafari.nl/

Lately i'm working as a School leader for The Virtual School. A learning environment where older generarations, schools, teachers, organizations can learn from young employees or students developing learning environments in or with Virtual Reality. http://www.thevirtualschool.nl/

As an artist i work very interdisciplinary and after some years i made that my added value, because i can combine these skills with my education and approach my projects in diverse and innovative ways. I make painting, graphic design, performance-art, Guerilla perfromance, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360video and photography, i'm a video editor and i am a songwriter. I play guitar and sing/sang in various (rock, electro, poetry) bands..

I hope you like my website. Take a good look around, connect with me and stay updated to my funky whereabouts!

If you want some info, feel free to contact me !

Danny van der Laan



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