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In 2014 i gratuated as a Master of Education in Arts. My expertise is innovative arteducation and reverse mentoring on which i wrote a thesis. This is a dyadic approach which lets older generations learn from younger generations. My current focus of interest is creating and exploring innovative learning environments such as in Virtual Reality. For that i have developed a platform which makes students or young employees explore possibilities, new learning environments and applications for their school, business or organization.
Being an expert on Reverse mentoring you can book me for advise, development and lectures/workshops and training. check this site for more info:

You can hire me as a projectleader/projectmanager, innovator or for development, lectures, training and workshops.


As a Performance artist i performed inside and outside the three biggest museums of the Netherlands: The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum and the van Gogh Museum. I do this as Amsterdam Street Gallery: a mobile gallery taking over or expanding public or artspace to my own.
As an artist i’m searching the limits of my position and possibilities as a civilian and artist using public space, or creating my own spaces for performance anywhere.
A new development in my work is that i’m creating and executing cross-media (community) performances in which i combine all the creative disciplines and media i practise to a new storytelling. With that i am researching virtual reality as a new stage and space for performance.


I am a professional Dutch artist studied Autonome Fine Art with Painting and Performance-Art as my specialties.
I make performance, video, virtual reality, augmented reality, painting, drawing, photography, graphic, 3D and animation.
My art is hip to extreme, raw and expressive, intuitive, aggressive but humorous, street arty and very explosive.

It deals with current events, philosophy, art itself, politics, the human condition, culture and tries to communicate with it’s viewers or confuse the public opinion.

Yet since 1,5 year my painting has taken another totally opposite direction. you could say it is still extreme, but now it’s extremely elegant, esthetic and.. abstract! Read my blogpage to find out what happened!

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Amsterdam Street Gallery

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