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In 2014 i gratuated as a Master of Education in Arts. As an art educator i do not only try to transfer my passion for art, virtual reality, 3D printing and culture. I set up learning environments where i make other passionate and creative people do that. My greatest expertise is working with and connecting older generations and younger generations. My main focus: letting young people learn the elderly or seniors about today’s tools, art, culture and techniques. But also transfer  energy and freshness. Last year i published a Master’s thesis about that subject and dyadic approach called Reverse mentoring with art education.


My Performance-art is always ‘on edge’. It’s a way and tool for me to tell stories, make people think or mislead the opinion. Currently, I give Guerilla Performances as myself or under the name Amsterdam Street Gallery. In 2015 i performed several times inside and outside the three biggest museums of the Netherlands: The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum and the van Gogh Museum.

I like to investigate where my borders are as an artist in the world of art. Philosophically and physically. I like to question art and the artworld itself and i use myself as a tool to do that.


I am a professional Dutch artist studied Autonome Fine Art with Painting and Performance-Art as my specialties.

My art is raw, expressive, intuitive, aggressive, humorous, street arty and very explosive

It deals with current events, philosophy, art itself, politics, the human condition, culture and tries to communicate with it’s viewers or confuse the public opinion.

I am also with:

Amsterdam Street Gallery

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